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In 1979, after performing at a country night spot called The Palomino in Hollywood, CA., Mary Stevenson invited me to a dinner party at her home in Buena Park. 

It was during this party that I discovered an old handwritten copy of my favorite poem Footprints In The Sand, dated 1939 and signed by Mary Stevenson... 

Up until this time, I had always believed that the poem was Author Unknown. From that time on, my journey to prove wrote the poem Footprints In The Sand...began.....Read more  at Amazon.com

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Greatest Tribute To Date To 
Footprints In The Sand 
Inspired by Mary Stevenson

Footprints in the Sand Monument in Carthage, TX.

The 14 foot bronze sculpture is the creation of local artist Bob Harness.

Footsteps My Journey... Reviews

Rev. Dennis Graham

The truth about the poem Footprints In the Sand by Mary Stevenson is becoming a movement that is changing the hearts of people globally. Even though millions of people have heard of Footprints, they don’t know the history, the story, the truth about the poem and the author.
This truth was instrumental in my returning to God’s service... 3John1:4
Because of this truth...I have been physically, mentally and spiritually set free...
I believe that this truth will do the same for you...set you free.
Rev. Dennis Graham Great Nephew of Rev. Billy Graham

Patrick L.

Footsteps My Journey by Kathy M Hampton is a great and inspiring book. If you have not read this book, please go to Amazon.com and order it ASAP for $17.99. 

It will inspire you and fill your heart with joy. Kathy M Hampton has definitely had a journey and she will walk you through it every "footstep" of the way. Thank you Kathy Bee for inspiring and motivating me through your book.

Marguerite Fair

"Reading Kathy Bee's Book 'Footsteps My Journey' touched me deeply. It is written from the heart and details the amazing story of Mary Stevenson, the true Author of the beloved poem - 'Footprints' . Good job Kathy, I look forward to seeing the documentary!"
Marguerite Fair, Writer, director and Producer FairProductions.biz 


This is my personal review for the book Footsteps My Journey: The True Story about the Poem Footprints in the Sand This book is truly a hidden treasure! If there's one book you have to read this summer it's this one! I have been inspired by this book and since I've been healing from an injury I suffered while on set of a tv show, I couldn't have asked for a better book to read to help me through my healing.
In great detail this book describes a modern-day female prophet of our time who's name just happens to be Mary Stevenson Zangare . The underlying tone in this story about the book is the loyalty Kathy Bee still has for her friend. Doing everything she could to honor her dear friend in the best possible way. She has fulfilled Mary's wish. Thanks to Kathy, her poem will help millions more including people who were unaware of this poem; like myself and today's youth. Mary can now truly rest in peace. Thank you, Kathy Bee, thank you!

Daniela Raynes

I am the president of a Christian church group of local teenage girls ages 12-18. Every summer it is tradition we set up camp in the mountains and un plug from cell phones, TV, and the pressures of day to day life with the intent to reconnect with one another, nature and our Father in Heaven. The week of July 20-24th our focus and theme was "daughter of a King," with various hands on activities and lessons to help drive home this idea that we are all daughters of God and have a divine purpose on this earth.
The very last object lesson, on the last night, at 10 pm we had the girls take a night hike. They were given empty back packs and sent on a hike in the dark, under a bright moon, with nothing to guide them but lights along the path and an assigned older youth leader. Then we had stations along the way with adults that would assign them "burdens" in the forms of rocks they would carry in their back packs, these rocks represented real life challenges they could face, "acne, immorality, addiction, challenges at school, friends, death of loved ones, suicide, divorced parents, etc."
In addition to the burdens we had moments along the path where they would be led off the designed route and become "lost" (with a guide.) This was to illustrate those times in their life where they or loved ones perhaps stray from their faith and find their way back to their faith.
The very last station of the hike was the most important for the whole week. We had a leader represent Christ and how through him our burdens can become light as we yoke our burdens with him. At this point he took off their back packs with rocks and they physically became lighter, it was at this point we read the "footprints in the Sand" poem.
I thought of you on this special night on the top of a mountain under the light of the moon and stars. It was such a magical moment and the girls knew they were part of a bigger plan, created by a Savior who is always beside them through this journey called "life."
Thank you for what you are doing Kathy Bee. In a world where many are lost and have forgotten their divine inheritance, you are telling a story that articulates the truth. 

Maria F.

The poem Footprints In The Sand hangs on my wall in my bedroom. I was so eager to read Kathy Bee's book about one of my favorite poems and to discover the true author, Mary Stevenson. What a blessing she gave to the world for Footprints has touched so many lives...including mine.

Dear Kathy

my name is Karla and I am 15 years of age. And i can say that i have loved this poem for that many years. My first copy was given to me on my first birthday and I have received a copy on every birthday ever since. I also have that ring the charm bracelet and the necklace and i wear each of these at all  times because then i no i am safe and will always have the help i need when things get rough.I admire many older people in the world but i also admire Mary for clearly having such a talent at such a young age and if i could i would thank her for giving me the strength that i need to get through  but i cant so i'll thank you for setting up this web-site because now i know that there are people in the world that love this poem as much as me and i can read there stories and how it has helped them too. I won't go into much detail but i went through a rough childhood and this has really helped me to get through because i no that the LORD will carry me through it Thank You.   Here is a poem that inspired someone to create there own of this   

Many people will walk in and out of your life but  only  true friends will leave  FOOTPRINTS in   your HEART  (''*'')  '#'

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